The Club started after some of the boys finished Junior Section at the BB. They had a successful year, finishing top of the league. Some of the parents who had been watching that game felt that the boys still wanted to play football but did not have clubs to go to. They were under no illusion that established clubs had the choice of the best players and would not be interested in our boys.

As Stephen had a long history in football, (played for over 30 years, trials for St. Johnstone, played with Roseberry Juveniles, Milngavie Wanderers and spent 15 years with Renfrew Thistle, captain for 7 years) it was put to him that he could start a club. Stephen declined this offer. Later that night after a few drinks Stephen was easily manipulated into agreeing his new role. Next we needed coaches. In a similar fashion Stephen Morrison was coerced into becoming a coach. Stephen F agreed to take training sessions in Bellahouston Park on a Saturday morning. Within 3 weeks we had 14 to 16 boys turning up. We had a meeting with some parents and we voted to join East Renfrewshire Soccer Development Association. Another meeting to decide the name and the Club was born (only finding out later that there had been a previous Mosspark Boys Club - we are no relation other than the same name)

As more boys appeared and the team was now taking off we needed another Coach. Cue Brian McNeil who was a very willing parent to take up the position. The Club has now been running since June 2008 and we are still finding our way.

We would like to thank Councillor David Cameron, who supported us when starting up. We would also like to thank Glasgow City Council who kindly donated a generous start up grant.

Strathclyde Police based at Helen Street, gifted a grant which was much appreciated and has been put to good use.


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